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Epiphany (Tim-qat)

19 January (20 January in Leap Year) Three days festivity Replicas of the Arc being brought in procession to a water body in each town and back to its respective Church Ketera Ceremony [eve of Epiphany (Tim-qat)] - 17/18 January Symbolical rebaptism to commemorate...

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A-shen-da - August A traditional festivity of the end of the short fasting season among Ethiopian Orthodox Christians in Tigray & Wollo, called Fil-seta, in which singing girls dance together wearing tall grass decoration around their lower trunk (origin of the...

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New Year (Enqu-ta-tash)

New Year (Enqu-ta-tash) 11 September (12 September in Leap Year)  The Ethiopian Calendar is similar to, but not the same as, the Julian calendar. Singing girls bring bunches of the Mesqel Daisy (Adey Abeba) in groups to each homestead of their neighborhood, signifying...

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Ir-recha – 5 October Thanks giving ceremony of the Oromo people, called Ir-rech marks the beginning of the sunny season, just after the rains that have turned everything green. Ceremony takes place near a water body like at Lake Hora in Bishoftu (Debre Zeit) 50km out...

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Palm Sunday (Hosa-ina)

Palm Sunday (Hosa-ina) The triumphal advent of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem is commomerated both by the clergy who spread palm branches cermonially and the devotees who decorate themselves with palm leaves on their head and as ring on their fingers as...

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Mes-qel (finding of the true cross)

Mes-qel (finding of the true cross) 27 September (28 September in Leap Year) On the eve of Mes-qel, called De-mera, bone fire will be set to fire at a central site in each town to commemorate the finding of the true cross on which Jesus Christ was supposed to have...

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Mariam Tsion

Mariam Tsion Mariam Tsion – 30 November (1 December in Leap Year) Mariam Tsion Commemoration in Axum: As many as a hundred thousand of pilgrims from all over the country & beyond congregate in Axum annually. The 21st of each Ethiopian month is dedicated to St. Mary &...

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Easter (Fa-sika)

Easter (Fa-sika) date shifts (April 16 2017) End of Lent (55 days abstention from consuming any animal product by Ethiopian Orthodox Christians)

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